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BLAIR County, Pennsylvania

Albert Cree -- World War I soldier 1918

Aldermanic Court Hearings August 1918

Andrew Kelly -- World War I soldier 1918

Blair C. Hartman -- World War I soldier 1917

Clair Roberts -- World War I soldier 1918

Colonel James Milliken (Civil War Vet) Death Notice -- 1917

Death of Howard Loucks -- World War I soldier 1918

Death of LeRoy Ellsworth Waite -- 1918

Death of Louis Herring -- World War I soldier 1917

Earl Simons -- World War I soldier 1918

Frank L. S. Mason -- World War I soldier 1917

George Aurandt -- World War I soldier 1917

Harry Banzhoff -- World War I soldier 1918

James Jones and Charles Brebe Enlist in Marines-- World War I soldiers 1918

John Yound and Elda Sell Wedding -- 1918

Joseph Incitti -- World War I soldier 1917

Kenneth Vaughn Passes Bar Exam -- 1918

Leroy Lonsdale -- World War I soldier 1918

List of Soldiers Killed or Wounded in war Zone -- August 14, 1918

Marine Casualties August 1918

Marriage Licenses Issued In May -- 1918

Merrill Leamer, Age 12, Disappears -- August 1918

M. J. V. Reilly Injured while Diving -- 1918

Mountaineer Not Aware of The War -- 1918

Mrs. Chester C. Rothrock, Smallpox Victim - 1917

Pennsylvania Railroad Baseball League Players Enlist -- 1918

Pennsylvania Soldier is Dead on French Soil -- World War I 1917

Quartet Joins Marines -- World War I 1918

Rev. Father John Dunphy Enlists -- 1918

Robert Bankert attend 105th Pennsylvania Wild Cat Regiment Reunion -- 1918

Three Sets of Juniata Twins Celebrate Birthdays -- 1918

Walter Hazzard In Memoriam -- 1918

William J. Harney, Altoona Boy, Injured at Vancouver Barracks -- World War I Soldier 1918

EXCERPTS FROM "Illustrated Altoona" aka "The City of Altoona Pennsylvania A.D. 1896, Published for The Board of Trade"

Aldermen of Altoona 1895

Board of Health Altoona 1895

Cemeteries of Altoona 1895

City Officers of Altoona 1895

George Bowers, City Solicitor of Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

George Harpham, City Controller of Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

H. E. Ferguson, City Treasurer of Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

Hambleton P. Wilson, Postmaster of Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

J. N. Tillard, Fire Chief of Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

John R. Vaughn's Brick Yards in Altoona 1895

Original Street Names of Altoona

Pennsylvania Railroad Officers in Altoona 1895

S. M. Hoyer, Mayor of Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

W. M. C. Craine, City Council President, Altoona 1895 (Illustration)

EXCERPTS FROM Soldiers of Blair county Pennsylvania

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