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Welcome to Record hunter search

DigitalCambria.com and Cambria Media & Research bring you Record Hunter Search. RHSearch is a repository of miscellaneous records and documents from the holdings of DigitalCambria. We will store newspaper clippings and transcriptions and other records we come across that do not fit into any specific subject or geographic region upon which we focus. Users and researchers are also encouraged to submit records that may not be of direct use and interest to their work but may be of value to others. Feel free to search the site.

Unlocking the past

We include a various array of records and documents here. One never knows when an item could be a key that unlocks a door through a brick wall or may provide an additional avenue to explore. We try to maintain an order to the information found on the site and we also keep every document, image, and transcription fully indexed in our site-wide search engine. DigitalCambria provides this site for free in the spirit of facilitating research and helping people solve riddles, mysteries, and unlocking the past.


Cambria Media & Research is your one stop for Genealogical and Historical research assistance and documentation. Whether you need simple or comprehensive research for a particular surname or geographic region; a marriage license, deed, or other document for your family history research; or, you just need someone to visit an archive, library, or repository to search for information, DigitalCambria does it all.

You will also find free searchable indexes to many reocrds including wills, obituaries, marriages, and naturalizations. Visit the website to learn more.